About Zuma Group, Inc.

Zuma Group Inc. was originally incorporated as Zumaudio, Inc. in 1979 for the purpose of manufacture and sales of a microprocessor based lathe controller for the recording industry. Known as the Zuma Disk Mastering Computer, this device helped improve the quality of conventional vinyl phonograph records by more efficiently using the available area of the disk’s surface during the master recording process. Major purchasers of the Zuma Disk Mastering Computer included RCA, CBS, JVC, Capitol, Warner Brothers, and Atlantic Records, as well as many of the world’s foremost recording and mastering facilities. In 1998, a completely revised version of the product, the Zuma 2000, became available. Today, most of these systems are still in use and employed world-wide in the manufacture of vinyl records.

In 1983, the company turned its attention toward the field of computer graphics with a series of low cost digital image processing, paint and animation systems with Zuma Group developed software. The corporate name was officially changed to Zuma Group, Inc. to better reflect the company’s activities.

When Commodore Business Machines unveiled its Amiga® computer in 1985, Zuma Group was quick to realize its potential in the field of video graphics and began developing software for it. The first Amiga products were Zuma Fonts™, a collection of bitmapped fonts designed especially for video presentation applications. In 1987, Zuma released the first video titling program for the Amiga, TV*TEXT™. This was followed by the introduction in the following year of TV*SHOW™ a special effects slide show program for Amiga graphics. Second generation versions of these products, TV*TEXT Professional™ and TV*SHOW Professional were developed and were among the most popular multimedia programs for the Amiga.

In September of 1991, Zuma Group, Inc. introduced Curtain Call®, its first product for the Windows® operating system. Curtain Call was the first multimedia production studio featuring paint, titling, and multimedia slide show facilities in one easy to use application. Curtain Call was one of three finalists for the Best Multimedia Product at the 1991 Fall Comdex and won Multimedia World’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Presentation Software in 1992. In December of 1992, Curtain Call Version 2.0 was released with version 3.0 in the following year. Versions of Curtain Call were produced in French, Japanese, and Chinese in addition to English.

Since the mid ‘90’s Zuma Group has focused on developing custom web and client  applications on a consulting basis.